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Welcome to the ever growing SRP Straight Razor Database© (SRDB). The aim of the SRDB is to generate a centralised, comprehensive collection of straight razors throughout history.


You can contribute to the Straight Razor Database, and share your knowledge with the rest of the global shaving community, by filling in the form found in our Straight Razor Database Submission Form. (Ceska verze pro vkladani britev)

The latest 10 additions to the database

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Christopher Johnson & Co "Unspecified" 6/87 March 2016 16:07:37
Brard "Empire" 7/83 January 2016 10:39:57
HANCOCK "Unspecified" 6/828 February 2015 05:31:15
Staniforth Parkin & Co "SHEMEL"ACIER FONDU"" 6/828 February 2015 05:24:22
Kippax "Unspecified" 7/827 February 2015 05:36:12
Herder, Carl "Special" 9/1626 February 2015 07:00:04
Michael Waterhouse Custom16 December 2014 00:53:36
Michael Waterhouse Custom "15/16" 15/162 December 2014 13:59:40
Wade & Butcher "Unspecified" 7/81 August 2014 20:30:14
George Wostenholm & Son "Pipe" 5/81 August 2014 20:15:43
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You are free to use the straight razor related information in this database, provided you do not infringe on our copyrights. We do not allow Derivative Works from the database itself (ie design, source code, or implementation) — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.


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