Form:SRP Synthetic Hone Submission Form

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This is the SRP Hone Database Submission Form for synthetic hones. If you would like to submit a natural hone, please use this form.

Which details of your hone should go into the HDB?


Please only add hones with images, keeping in mind our copyright policy. Do not use images than your own, unless you have the owner's written permission to do so.

Unique synthetic hones only

Please make sure the synthetic hone is not in the database already. Our input form will do its best to prevent you from adding duplicates, but it can be done because natural hones of the same kind can be quite different.

Hone features

  • Manufacturer: Name of the factory.
  • Provenance: Which country it comes from
  • Model: Bench hone, on a stand, combination hone
  • Dimensions: Please enter in inches or centimetres, but please add the type of unit.
  • Grit Size: Please make sure you enter the right value according to JIS.
  • Binder: Resin, Epoxy or clay binder? Your manufacturer can tell.
  • Cutting Speed: Does it hone fast or do you need a hundred strokes?
  • Feedback: Do you hear or feel a change of noise or grit while you hone?
  • Lapping: Does it need to be lapped often or frequently?
  • Soaking: Does it need to get soaked prior to use or not?
  • Image: Upload a good crisp picture without decoration, please.

While we provide a good number of fields to enter, there are yet other characteristics of hones you should write something about. For example what kind of steel you find them best for, whether they clog fast or not and everything else you can think of.