Klauberg, C. & Bros. "Damascene" 5/8

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Manufacturer| Klauberg, C. & Bros
Region| New York
Date| 1924
Size| 5/8
Point| Spike
Shoulder| 2 stabilizers
Jimps| None
Scales| Plastic
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Klauberg, C. & Bros
Model Damascene
Region New York
Date 1924
Grind Full Hollow
Size 5/8
Point Spike
Shoulder 2 stabilizers
Spine Decoration none
Jimps None
Scales Plastic
Steel Carbon
Image BWEjO4mkKGrHgoH-EEEjlLlyOEvBKVpBEP8mw 3.jpg

The Klauberg business moved to William Street in 1824 and remained there until 1916. In 1829 they began importing razor blanks from Sheffield and then ground and set them at New York - it would seem that they also had blades made in Germany too! After 1916 they moved to the Woolworth Building where they werein business until about 1940.

C. Klauberg & Bros. was the company name from 1837 - 1861 and 'Damascene' was a trade mark used around 1883 though it was used obviously earlier. Carl Klauberg came out of retirement during the Civil War to again run the firm - perhaps this is the reason for the tang strike being as it is. If I were to guess the razor's date I would say 1870 - 1880.[1]

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