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instructions=This form lets you add a new wine to Vinismo. The year, producer, name and type of the wine should be put in the given fields -- everything else is optional. You can read these guidelines for help. template0=WineForm namePattern0={{{year}}} {{{name}}} template1=WineFormSidebar namePattern1=Sidebar:{{{year}}} {{{name}}} type|Type|select|General type of wine|items=Red;White;Sparkling;Rosé;Liqueur/Golden;Sweet/Fortified year|Year (or "vintage")|text|Year the wine was produced.|size=4 name|Name of the wine|text|Name of the wine, including its appellation if it has one producer|Producer or bottler|text|Winery or bottler who created the wine; the name that appears on the wine label region|Region or appellation of origin|text|Region or appellation of origin varietal|Main grape variety or blend|text|Main grape variety or blend in the wine (e.g. "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Chardonnay") alcohol|Alcohol (% by vol.)|text|Alcohol percentage by volume|size=6 price1|Price (approx.)|text|Approximate price|size=6 pricecountry1|Country bought in|select|Country where you got the wine and the above price applies|items=US;CA;UK;AU;NZ;ZA;IN intro|Introduction|textarea|This is an introduction to the wine. What type it is, where it's from, who made it. tasting|Tasting|textarea|Tasting notes. Color, body, aroma, bouquet, acidity, tannins, etc. should be noted here. serving|Serving|textarea|Serving suggestions for this wine: ideal aging, serving temperature, food accompaniments, etc. production|Production|textarea|Production notes: grapes used, harvest dates, fermentation, etc. reviews|Reviews|textarea|Quotes and ratings from wine magazines, wine critics, and wine blogs about this wine. Links appreciated, and quotes should be brief and to the point. seealso|See also|textarea|Links to other Vinismo pages about wines, producers or regions, or to external websites that might give more information about this wine or provide interesting comparisons or contrasts.