Peres, D. "Eishärtung" 7/8

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Copy/Paste for Forum

Manufacturer| Peres, D.
Region| Solingen, Germany
Date| circa 1950
Size| 7/8
Point| Round
Shoulder| 2 stabilizers
Jimps| None
Scales| Faux Ivory
Steel| Stainless


Manufacturer Peres, D.
Model Eishärtung
Region Solingen, Germany
Date circa 1950
Grind Full Hollow
Size 7/8
Point Round
Shoulder 2 stabilizers
Spine Decoration none
Jimps None
Scales Faux Ivory
Steel Stainless
Image Dperes1.jpgDperes3.jpgDperes2.jpgDperes4.jpg

Plain "french ivory" scales with a black spacer. the front of the shank reads "D. Peres Solingen" and has their barrel logo. While the back reads "Rostfrei- INOX Eishärtung Stainless Steel Made in Germany"