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[table=head]SOTD Items|Details Pre shave| Castle Forbes "The Pre Shave Soap/Cream| Razor| Post shave| Alum Bar After shave balm| [/table]

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"Bengall Imperial" 5/8Cadman, T. R. & SonsBengall ImperialSheffield1890Full Hollow5/8Round2 stabilizersLowerBakeliteCarbon
A Witte Cutlery Co "Gold Bug" 5/8A. Witte Cutlery CoGold BugGermanyFull Hollow5/8Spike2 stabilizersNoneAcrylicCarbon
A. Witte Cutlery Co
Allen, Joseph & Sons
Allen, Joseph & Sons "Medium Hollow Ground" 5/8Allen, Joseph & SonsMedium Hollow GroundSheffield, EnglandHalf Hollow5/8Barber's Notch1 stabilizerNonePlasticCarbon
Allen, Joseph & Sons "Medium Size Hollow Ground"Allen, Joseph & SonsMedium Size Hollow GroundSheffield, EnglandQuarter Hollow5/8Barber's Notch1 stabilizerNoneIvoryCarbon
Allen, Joseph & Sons "NON-XLL" 5/8Allen, Joseph & SonsNON-XLLSheffield, EnglandQuarter Hollow5/8French (Oblique)1 stabilizerNoneUnknownCarbon
Allen, Joseph & Sons "Unnamed" 13/16Allen, Joseph & SonsUnnamedSheffield, EnglandTrue Wedge13/16Spike1 stabilizerNoneHornCarbon
Althoff, Henry C° "Gold Seal" 5/8Althoff, Henry C°Gold SealGeneva, NYFull Hollow5/8Square2 stabilizersNoneCelluloidCarbon
American Products Co "Marked "2912" on reverse of tang" 5/8American Products Co.2912Cincinnati, Ohio, USAFull Hollow5/8Spike1 stabilizerLowerTortoiseCarbon
Amodeo, G. "Rigoletto" 13/16Amodeo, G.RigolettoAvellino, ItaliaHalf Hollow13/16Square1 stabilizerNoneFaux IvoryCarbon
Ashton & Jackson "Improved Silver Steel" 7/8Ashton & JacksonImproved Silver SteelSheffieldNear Wedge7/8Spike1 stabilizerNoneHornCarbon
B B "Tempered Right" 9/16B.B.Tempered RightUnspecifiedHalf Hollow9/16Round2 stabilizersLowerCelluloidCarbon
B Winks & Sons "Warranted Razor" 6/8B Winks & SonsWarranted RazorSheffieldNear Wedge6/8French (Oblique)ShoulderlessUpper & LowerWoodCarbon
Baldegger "Unspecified" 4/8BaldeggerUnspecifiedSwitzerlandHalf Hollow4/8Round1 stabilizerBothPlasticCarbon
Baldwin & Brown "None Specified" 13/16Baldwin & BrownNone SpecifiedRichmond, VAQuarter Hollow13/16SquareCelluloidCarbon
Barber, I "Unspecified" 5/8Barber, I.UnspecifiedSheffield, England1852Near Wedge5/8Spanish1 stabilizerUpper & LowerHornCarbon
Barber, John
Barber, John "Patent Tempered Steel" OtherBarber, JohnPatent Tempered SteelSheffield, EnglandOtherOtherSquareShoulderlessNoneIvoryCarbon
Barber, John "Unspecified" 6/8Barber, JohnUnspecifiedSheffield, EnglandNear Wedge6/8Square1 stabilizerNoneHornCarbon
Barlow, James & Sons "Echo" 6/8Barlow, James & SonsEcho121 Allen Street, Sheffield, EnglandTrue Wedge6/8Barber's Notch1 stabilizerNoneHornCarbon
Bartmann "High Class" 11/16BartmannHigh ClassSolingen, GermanyBellied Hollow11/16Round2 stabilizersBottomPlasticCarbon
Beardsley & Alvord "Empire Razor" 6/8Beardsley & AlvordEmpire RazorWinchester, Connecticut USA1854Concave6/8Barber's NotchShoulderlessLowerUnknownCarbon
Beaujeu Dumontel
Bengall "5/8 plain white"Cadman, T. R. & Sons5/8 plain whiteSheffield, England1930Full Hollow5/8
Bengall "Cast Steel" 13/16Cadman, T. R. & SonsBengall Cast SteelSheffield, EnglandHalf Hollow13/16Square2 stabilizersNoneHornCarbon
Bengall "Full Concave" 6/8Cadman, T. R. & SonsBengall Full Concave RazorSheffield, England1920Full Hollow6/8Round2 stabilizersLowerUnknownUnknown
Bengall "Unspecified" 15/16Cadman, T. R. & SonsBengallSheffield, England1890Extra Hollow15/16Square2 stabilizersLowerBakeliteCarbon
Benninghoven, Max "Cherusker 104" 13/16Benninghoven, MaxCherusker 104Solingen, GermanyHalf Hollow13/16Round1 stabilizerNoneCelluloidCarbon
Berg "Rostfrei - D.R.P. No 316053"BergRostfrei; D.R.P. No. 316053; 10 5/8Solingen, GermanyFull Hollow5/8
Berg, Erik Anton "Garanty" 6/8Berg, Erik AntonGarantyEskilstuna, SwedenFull Hollow6/8SpikeotherNoneCelluloidCarbon
Berg, Erik Anton "Prisbelont Malmo 1881" 11/16Berg, Erik AntonPrisbelont Malmo 1881Eskilstuna, SwedenFrameback11/16SquareotherNoneBoneUnknown
Berg, Erik Anton "Unspecified" 5/8Berg, Erik AntonUnspecifiedEskilstuna, SwedenFrameback5/8SquareShoulderlessNoneCelluloidCarbon
Berg, Erik Anton "Unspecified" 6/8Berg, Erik AntonUnspecifiedEskiltuna, SwedenFrameback6/8SquareotherLowerBakeliteCarbon
Berg, Erik Anton "Unspecified" 8/8Berg, Erik AntonAka "The Swedish Beast"Eskilstuna, SwedenFull Hollow8/8Spike2 stabilizersLowerBakeliteCarbon
Besset "Faux Frameback" 8/8BessetFaux FramebackFranceFaux Frameback8/8RoundShoulderlessNoneWoodCarbon
Bigelow and Dowse
Bigelow and Dowse Co "11" 5/8Bigelow and Dowse11 5/8GermanyFull Hollow5/8Round2 stabilizersLowerCelluloidCarbon
Bingham "Congruent" 6/8BinghamCongruentSheffieldOther6/8Barber's NotchShoulderlessUpper & LowerIvoryCarbon
Birck & Zamminer "Reliance" 11/16Birck & ZamminerRelianceUnspecifiedFull Hollow11/16Square2 stabilizersNoneBoneCarbon
Bishop, G
Bishop, G "Unspecified" OtherBishop, GUnspecifiedSheffield, EnglandOtherOtherSpanishotherOtherHornCarbon
Bismarck "Registered" 5/8BismarckRegisteredSolingen, Germany1957Extra Hollow5/8Square2 stabilizersUpper & LowerBakeliteCarbon
Bismarck "Unspecified" 6/8Bismarck406UnspecifiedFull Hollow6/8Spike2 stabilizersLowerBoneCarbon
Bohler "Unspecified" 5/8BohlerUnspecifiedEnglandHalf Hollow5/8Round2 stabilizersUpper & LowerPlasticUnknown
Boker - USA "TE 95 II" 5/8Boker - USATE 95 IIUSAExtra Hollow5/8Spike2 stabilizersNoneCelluloidCarbon
Bonsawerk "9853" 11/16Böntgen & Sabin9853Solingen, Germany1930Half Hollow11/16SquarePlasticCarbon
Bowdin "Bowdin's Wedge Hand Made" 5/8BowdinBowdin's Wedge Hand MadeMinneapolis, Minnesota, USATrue Wedge5/8Spike1 stabilizerNoneCelluloidCarbon
Boxer "22 4/8" 5/8Boxer22 4/8Solingen, GermanyFull Hollow5/8Round1 stabilizerLowerCelluloidCarbon
Brahma "Extra Special" OtherBrahmaExtra SpecialSolingen, GermanyOtherOtherRound2 stabilizersOtherMother of PearlCarbon
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