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This article is about the Library. For information about Straight Razor Palace, please see Straight Razor Palace:About.

This is a community driven documentation effort primarily by members of Straight Razor Palace. If it does not have the information you need, feel free to ask any questions you have in the Straigh Razor Place forums.

This Library runs on MediaWiki (version 1.30.0). Please feel free to add relevant information or to make corrections to it. It is only useful if it is correct and up to date. If you wish to contribute and need help getting started please read how to write an article. Your input is greatly appreciated.

This Library currently has: 64,378 registered users, 901 articles, 2,636 uploaded files, and 11,670 page edits.

Contributors[edit source]

Our sponsor[edit source] The sponsor of this project and a forum dedicated to Straight Razor Shavers

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Realtime Support[edit source]

Use one of the following IRC gateways to communicate live with SRP members. A simple user guide for the Chat is available in Using the SRP Chat.