The Multiple Pass Shaving Technique

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Here is an explanation of the multiple pass shaving with the gradual stubble removal technique. The first time a friend told me he was doing three passes in a shave, a pass, rinsing and re-lathering and then doing another pass and then yet another I thought he was 'round the bend. He explained to me the principle of gradual stubble removal technique. At this point in my shaving experience I had forty some odd years of mostly using a Gillette "Good News" disposable. I would do one pass as quickly as I could and call it good always trying to get all of the whiskers down to a clean shave with that one pass.

Multiple pass shaving is most effectively done varying the direction of the pass according to the grain direction of your whiskers. To find the direction of the grain of your whiskers rub the area with your finger tips back and forth, up and down. It will become apparent to you in which direction the whiskers go. The easiest pass is with the grain. This should be the first pass. Rinse, re-lather and do an across the grain pass. If desired following another rinse and re-lathering an against the grain pass can be done. This is optional and need not be done on the whole shaving area. Some shavers do the ATG in specific areas and not in others.

I personally don't normally do a third pass . I find I get bbs with two passes and if I choose to do a third I tend to get irritation. The main thing is to avoid the tendency to feel that you have to have a bbs shave with the first pass. Using the gradual stubble removal technique will give you the closest shave and if light pressure is applied rather then heavy no irritation or razor burn. On the advice of a longtime barber I hold the razor securely enough for safety but allowing the blade to move if the razor pulls. If the razor does pull never force it and try to push it through the whiskers. Following this advice I rarely get a nick. Smooth shaving.