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A Bunch of aftershaves - from left to right: Proraso splash, 444 balm, Proraso cream, Nivea cooling balm, Nivea moisturising creme and G.F Trumper skin food.
There are many after shave options on the market and they are available at many different prices. In this section we will go over some very basic information on aftershaves.

Please note that everything mentioned in this text is not set in stone. We are human beings and our needs, habits, personal interests and many other things are so individual from each of us that you should use your learning abilities and see what works best for you.

Background[edit | edit source]

It is somehow quite hard to describe the differences by pictures and or by videos but I have added these in to the text just to give you as much information as possible. Aftershaves are really a personal thing due to scents, feelings, stings to like or not, climate demands and so on...

I have chosen six aftershaves in the comparison. These six aftershaves represent different kind of products and are therefore in this article. I like to use them all with different kind of meaning. None of them are not over the others for me, they are just different. My basic use is as follows: First splash and after that a stronger balm or creme. Here in Finland we have such a dry climate in winter that basic balm is not enough. That is why I like to use heavier stuff. In summertime balms are better due to warmer weather.

What do aftershaves look like?[edit | edit source]

Short video clips to show how aftershaves act on the skin.[edit | edit source]

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Proraso splash enters the skin and fades away really fast due to alcohol content and thin liquid composition.

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Nivea cooling balm enters the skin pretty well and lasts a little longer than splashes.

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444 balm enters the skin quite well too and last almost all day long. Leaves a subtle sticky feeling on the face due to better protection.

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Skin food enters the skin well and drys out pretty fast. Leaves a subtle dry film on the face.

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Proraso cream enters the skin pretty well at first too but stops almost immediately and leaves a white coating on the face. You can avoid that by leaving your hands a little wet and after that take only a little amount of cream. Cream is really well water soluble. The plain cream is better for pre shaving.

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Nivea moisturising creme is an option for 444 balm. Easy to get from almost any drugstore and does a better moisturising than basic balms. No need to use much. A little goes long way.

--TonyJ 23:46, 24 January 2009 (UTC)