Adjustable Pins aka Microfasteners

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Adjustable pins, also known as Microfasteners, are a way to replace traditional pins on a razor. The material required can be obtained from Microfasteners. The original article was posted by Philadelph.[1]

Required Material[edit | edit source]

Microfasteners in action
  • Machine Screws, brass hex head, size 0-80 x 1/2" (I might use a longer size next time- some huge blades take up a lot of width, but 1/2" is suitable for most)
  • Nuts, Brass Hex nuts, size 0-80 "scale" (the hex head on these is basically the same as with the screws, the non-scale heads are bigger)
  • Washers, flat washers brass, size #0 wide (that is my personal preference, but the non-wide would also work)

Assembly[edit | edit source]

The tools to adjust the little hex heads are also available here at [1] but only if you call... and man they work great. You can really tighten them up well if you use 2. So when you put em together (however you want) just screw the nut on the end of the screw, cut any extra length, (I then sand the ends), unscrew the nut to make sure all threads are in line, then just screw it back on!

3/4" screws[edit | edit source]

I did get the 3/4" screws, just in case. Also a lot easier to get everything threaded if you are replacing only the pivot pin. I used the washers as thrust washers, and the filigree is from a bead shop-- you flatten with smooth pliers, and drill the hole out to 1/16.[2]

Using epoxy to fill a pin hole[edit | edit source]

Main article: Illustrated Guide to Sleeving an Oversized Pivot

If the pin hole of the razor should be too wide, filling it with epoxy and then drilling through the epoxy might help.[3]

Microfasteners Fotoguru Epoxy in pin-hole.jpg

References[edit | edit source]