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I asked about books on straights and such a while ago, and got some good information. I also hit the library for related journal articles and such, and included those few that I know of that are available on the internet.

Please note that many of these are out of print. (Thinking of which, I should have bought my copy of The Razor Anthology before I posted this!). And that I had to change the bibliography style to include the URLs, so the format is slightly different.[1]

General Texts[edit | edit source]

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  • edited. The Razor Anthology: A Collection of Knive World Articles. Knife World Publications, 1993?
  • Goins, John E. and Charlotte S. Goins' Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings Indiana: Self-published, 1998.
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  • Thorpe, S. C. (1967). Practice and Science of Standard Barbering. Bronx, NY: Milady Publishing Corporation. (Internet resource).

Historical, etc.[edit | edit source]

  • Goemaere, Eric (ed.). "Ardoise et coticule en Terre de Salm: Des pierres et des Hommes - les exploitations souterraines de la commune de Vielsalm: un patrimoine géologique, historique, culturel et biologique exceptionnel". Bruxelles: Service géologique de Belgique (2008). ISBN 978-2-9600676-1-3
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  • Kingsbury, Benjamin. A Treatise on Razors; in which the weight, shape, and temper of a razor, the means of keeping it in order, and the manner of using it, are particularly considered; and in which it is intended to convey a knowledge of all that is necessary on this subject. London : sold at the shops, No. 85, Piccadilly, and No. 3, Mitre-Court, Fleet-Street; and by all booksellers, 1797. (11th edition of 1830 downloadable as full pics (96MB) or cropped and resized (15MB))
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Internet Resources[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]