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Name The Bigelow and Dowse Company
Location 229 Franklin Street, Boston, Massachusetts
Dates of Operation 1884 - ?
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Owners Samuel A. Bigelow and Charles F. Dowse

At the turn of the 20th Century, The Bigelow & Dowse Company was one of the largest hardware houses serving the trades in all of New England. They were "direct importers of fine Sheffield and German cutlery".[1]


1872: "Macomber, Bigelow, & Dowse" was formed by John F. Macomber, Samuel A. Bigelow, and Charles F. Dowse after a fire destroyed large sections of Boston and with it every hardware house in the city.

1884: "Bigelow & Dowse" was formed, (unincorporated) after partner John F. Macomber retired on account of illness.

1894: "Bigelow & Dowse" incorporated under Boston law as "The Bigelow & Dowse Company".

January 28, 1903: Franklin Street building destroyed by fire. Rebuilt on original site later that year.

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