Brands of Straight Razors to Avoid

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The following information is based upon years of experience by highly experienced members and straight shaving professionals. The aim of this article is not to slander the razor manufacturers named therein, but to protect our members from paying good money for what we consider vastly inferior products.

There is a multitude of straight razors which we believe should be avoided at all costs. They are often made of inferior/poorly tempered steel and even if they take a sharp enough edge, they cannot hold it & /or require corrections to the blade geometry.

The following razor brands have shown to be, we feel, of consistently inferior quality:

  • Beauty and Barber (B&B)
  • "Best Quality"[1]
  • Cyrill R Salter[2]
  • Demon Barber
  • Enzo
  • Fury Sporting Cutlery
  • GB Buckingham and Sons [3] [4]
  • Giesen & Forsthoff ~ new production[5]
  • "Good Quality"
  • Grim Blades
  • "High Quality"
  • Jacobs USA
  • Kriegar
  • Magnum
  • Master
  • MasterUSA
  • "New School"
  • Pakistani (any razor made in pakistan)
  • Razors "designed by Jim Frost"
  • Sanguine
  • Selective Professional
  • Simco
  • "Special Quality"
  • Steel Warrior
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Timber Rattler
  • Timber Wolf
  • Tomahawk
  • "Two Man"
  • Zeepk

There are some "no brand" razors on eBay at extremely cheap prices. Experience shows that they are best avoided. Also some manufacturers have taken to painting "SOLINGEN" on mid-price razors. The blades of these razors are usually forged in Pakistan, and their scales are then put on in Germany so they are using a legal loop hole to claim these are manufactured (or, rather, assembled) in Solingen. These razors tend to cause as many problems as the razors listed above, for apparent reasons. It is common consensus among the SRP regulars that they had also be best avoided.

Recently razors of pattern welded steel have been turning up on ebay listed as "Damascus". These are listed at cheap prices and generally seem to sell at auction for prices far below what a quality Damascus (pattern welded steel) would routinely sell for whether custom or factory made. In some cases they come with a belt sheath and the seller tells the prospective buyer that the razor is not meant for shaving. In other cases they are ambiguous on the point or will say that they may be used for shaving. To date no one on the forums has posted a review but it seems safe to say that these should be avoided until further research is done on their quality and origins.

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