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Logo Clauss 1.jpg
Name Clauss
Location Elyria and Fremont, Ohio
Dates of Operation 1877 - present
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Owners John and Henrie Clauss
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Company History[edit | edit source]

Clauss Shear, founded in 1877 by John and Henrie Clauss, of German origin, in Elyria, Ohio, moved the company to Fremont ten years later. Schaaf, perhaps the owner of Schaaf's Good Cutlery, and Harry Zimmerman bought out the interests of their three Henkel Company partners, Dr. George Zimmerman, August Henkel, and Frank Kiser. The five men had founded Henkel in 1906. In 1919, Henkel Company merged with Clauss Shear to become the largest cutlery company in the world.
In 1954 the corporate name was changed to Clauss Cutlery Company to eliminate the confusion with the German cutlery firm J.A. Henckels.

In 1967 Clauss was taken over by Alco Standard Corporation.

In May 2004, Acme United Corporation acquired the Clauss inventory, trademarks and brand names for approximately $500,000.