Easily make a pasted balsa strop

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This article contains descriptions by users of SRP for making a pasted balsa strop.

Backpacker's[1] pasted strop[edit | edit source]

I just finished making a homemade balsa strop and thought I'd post here since it's so easy. I did this because I'm a newbie who has blown the budget for a while and can't buy one and also because it's so dead easy that even I, who have zero craftsman abilities, could do. Hopefully I can figure out how to get the pictures to post on here.

This literally requires 6 things. A porch or stair spindle from Home Depot ($2), a piece of Balsa from a craft store ($3), something to make one small 2" straight cut, a utility knife, glue, and some sand paper. I saw the spindle at Home Depot and noticed that if cut in half it would make a great base for the paddle and had a nice looking handle built right in! I simply cut the spindle in half, cut some balsa to fit the end, glued it on and sanded it to lap it flat. Cost about $5 and took about 10 minutes. See results below. The last picture is what the spindle looks like together.

Alternative: Instead of using the porch/stair spindle, you can use a wooden paint stir (free at places such as Lowe's Home Depot, etc. if you just ask.) The balsa doesn't need to be the same size as the paint stir, you can make it as wide as you like really. You can also use Contact Cement as an alternative to glue.

Slartibartfast's[2] pasted strop[edit | edit source]

Materials needed:

  • Some type of solid backer, i cut a piece of 12x12 tile i had laying around.
  • Balsa: You can find this at most hobby stores.
  • Some kind of glue
  • Clamps or something heavy to set on top once everything is glued down.

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