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This is a quick study Tim Zowada[1] put together while learning how to hone razors on a semi-production basis. This is not meant to be a definitive study of the honing qualities of various stones. Rather, it is just meant to give a basic idea of what's going on. Please also see Bevels produced by various hones.

The text and images were taken from Tim's page[2]. We thank Tim for allowing us to re-use his material. Make sure to visit his site.

Background[edit | edit source]

  • The stone surfaces, and the razor edges are all at 200x magnification.
  • The razor is O1/L6 Damascus at 62.5 HRC.
  • The initial edge is honed at a 15 degree included angle.
  • The initial edge was a horizontal, along the edge, scratch pattern developed with a Norton 8000 grit hone.
  • Ten, 5" long" strokes were used on each side of the blade.
  • Only the weight of the blade was used for pressure.
  • No stropping was done after honing.
  • All stones, except Spyderco, were used wet.
  • No slurry was used on any stone.
  • All stones were freshly lapped at 2000 grit.

The lapped edges had a Chinese 12000 grit finish for the final honing step.

Here, the edge is viewed at a 52 degree angle. This gives a better idea of how the actual cutting edge looks.

Tim Zowada - Razor Edges - ObLens.jpg

Procedure[edit | edit source]

  1. Hone blade at 15 degrees with Norton 8000. Hone marks should be at least 0 - 40 degrees relative to edge.
  2. Add one layer of 0.006" electrical tape to blade back. This kicks the angle up to 15.75 degrees and gives the test stone a fresh edge to work on.
  3. Use ten strokes, 5" long, alternating blade sides.
  4. Clean edge with acetone.
  5. Photograph under microscope. The blade was held in place with clay and pushed agianst a 60 degree reference.

The Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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