Berg, Erik Anton "Unspecified" 8/8

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Manufacturer| Berg, Erik Anton
Region| Eskilstuna, Sweden
Date| Unspecified
Size| 8/8
Point| Spike
Shoulder| 2 stabilizers
Jimps| Lower
Scales| Bakelite
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Berg, Erik Anton
Model Aka "The Swedish Beast"
Region Eskilstuna, Sweden
Date Unspecified
"Unspecified" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Grind Full Hollow
Size 8/8
Point Spike
Shoulder 2 stabilizers
Spine Decoration none
Jimps Lower
Scales Bakelite
Steel Carbon
Image DSC 0531.jpg

Now, this one is special. The Rademacher Forges in Eskilstuna, that started out as a cluster of 20 or so forges, amongst them JA Hellberg, CV Heljestrand & EA Berg, is still mostly intact today, the city of Eskilstuna has been very careful when making changes in the area. Some are museums, cafes & such and some others houses knifemakers & similar. The "Bergska smedjan" is run today by a knifemaker. As it turns out it was this gentleman who sold me this razor, so this one is not only NOS & huge, it has spent its entire life in the very forge were it was made in the very heart of the Swedish razor forges!