Form:SRP Natural Hone Submission Form

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This is the SRP Hone Database Submission Form for natural hones. If you would like to submit a synthetic hone, please use this form.

Which details of your hone should go into the HDB?[edit source]

Image[edit source]

Please only add hones with images, keeping in mind our copyright policy. Do not use images other than your own, unless you have the owner's written permission to do so.

Hone features[edit source]

While we provide a number of standard hone characteristics fields, there are others you may wish to make a note of. For example, what kinds of steel is the hone best suited to, does the hone load quickly, is it rare or readily available, and so on. Please add this additional information in the space provided at the end of the form.

  • Name: Short term please.
  • Provenance: Which country it comes from.
  • Model: Bench hone, on a stand, combination hone.
  • Dimensions: Please enter in inches or centimetres: length width, depth. Please include the unit of measurement.
  • Grit Size: Please make sure you enter the right value according to JIS.
  • Cutting Speed: Does it cut quickly, or do you need a hundred strokes?
  • Feedback: What tactile or auditory cues does the stone give when honing?
  • Lapping: How frequently does the hone need lapping?
  • Soaking: Does the hone require soaking prior to use?
  • Geology: Slate, Sediment, Crystalline, or other.
  • Hardness: Use the Mohs Scale to give us an idea about the hardness.
  • Cleavage: The way a mineral breaks.
  • Slurry: What color?
  • Image: Upload a good crisp picture without decoration please.

If you don't have an answer for one of those fields, please enter "n/a" and submit your hone anyway.