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This is the SRP Straight Razor Database Submission Form form. To add a razor with this form, enter the page name below; if a razor with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that razor's entry.

Submit your razor[edit source]

Which details of your razor should go into the SRDB?[edit source]

Image[edit source]

Please only add razors with images, keeping in mind our copyright policy. Do not use images other than your own, unless you have the owner's written permission to do so.

Unique razors only[edit source]

Please make sure the razor is not already in the database. Our input form will do its best to prevent you from adding duplicates, but it can be done. We have decided to use individual articles for razors that differ in grind, width or other features, except scales.

No reground or rescaled razors[edit source]

We are looking for razors in their original shape and form. Rescaled or reground razors should not be put into the database.

Razor features[edit source]

Grind[edit source]

If you are unsure about the grind of your razor, cf. this chart:
SRP GrindForm.GIF

Point[edit source]

If you are unsure about which point your razor exhibits, cf. this chart:
Razor points.png

Shoulder / Stabilisers[edit source]

If you are unsure about which shoulder / stabilisers your razor exhibits, cf. this chart:
Razor shoulders.png