Getting shaving gear in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Allright, I want to create a list of places(on- and off-line) where us Dutchies can get all their shaving supplies. I also include some foreign shops if their shipping rates are good(under €10,00 for a normal package)
Disclaimer: The inclusion of shops on this list should not be seen as an endorsement or experience with the shop.

Webshops with physical shops in The Netherlands or Belgium[edit | edit source]


Dutch Shaving Shop

Koordenwinkel Antwerpen


Other webshops[edit | edit source]

The Invisible Edge

  • Prices include shipping

Rasur Pur

  • Shipping price by weight
  • Mostly TI and Japanese razors

Tony Miller's Stop Shop

  • Handmade Strops
  • Restored vintage razors

Whipped Dog

  • Pro honed razors
  • Free worldwide shipping!

Webshops specialised in one kind of shaving item[edit | edit source]

Razors[edit | edit source]

Wacker Rasiermesser

  • The official Wacker shop
  • Shipping is €9,00

Brushes[edit | edit source]

Shavemac Brushes

  • Custom brushes
  • Shipping is $10,70(~€8,00)

Soap[edit | edit source]

Dyskolus zeep

  • Shipping based on weight

Olivia's Shaving Soaps

  • Handmade soaps
  • Shipping by weight

Restoration supplies[edit | edit source]

None (yet...)

Hones[edit | edit source]

Ardennes Coticules

  • Coti Coti Coti
  • Shipping is €15,00

Baptist Houtbewerking

  • Shipping is between €6,00 and €12,00, depending on the product
  • Arkansas, BBW, coti and artificial hones

Knives and Tools

  • Naniwa, Naniwa Super Stones and Coticules
  • Shipping depends on weight(free in NL when paying up front)

Other supplies(in physical stores)[edit | edit source]

Razors[edit | edit source]

None, except for the shops mentioned above.

Soaps and cremes[edit | edit source]

Local pharmacy[edit | edit source]

Most local pharmacies like "Kruidvat", "Etos" or "Dio" carry one or more of these soaps and creams:

  • De Vergulde Hand
  • Palmolive
  • Tabac
  • Williams

Hones[edit | edit source]

None...... (yet)

Restoration Stuff[edit | edit source]

Local hardware store[edit | edit source]

In shops like "Gamma", "Praxis" and "Karwei" they sell the basic sandpapers(up to 2000 grit) for less than €1,00 per sheet.

If you need polishing compound you can get it at the local bicycle or car repair shop like "Halfords".

Washers etc.[edit | edit source]

  • (domed) washers, microfasteners
  • Shipping depends on weight, they use normal letters(bubble envelope)

Scuttle[edit | edit source]

The "Xenos" sells a HUGE(14 cm) bowl with handle for €3,00.