Hammesfahr, Gottlieb

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Name Gottlieb Hammesfahr
Location Solingen-Foche, Focher Strasse, 60
Dates of Operation 1684-1972
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Owners Hammesfahr family
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One of the longest-established Solingen cutlery companies.
Gottlieb Hammesfahr AG 'Nirosta-Werk', Solingen-Foche, Focher Strasse, 60. The company was in business 1684-1972. Registered 12th November 1875.
Gottlieb Hammesfahr (until c.1880)
Gottlieb Hammesfahr & Companie (c.1880-c.1935)
Gottlieb Hammesfahr AG 'Nirosta-Werk' (c.1935-1972)
In about 1971-72, Wilkens Bremer Silberwaren reorganized the company and brand name exists to this day.