Herder, Friedr. Abr. Sohn GmbH

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Name Herder, Friedr. Abr. Sohn GmbH
Location Obenitterstr. 15-21 D-42719 Solingen
Dates of Operation 1623
External Links http://www.herder-solingen.de/
Owners Arndt, Jürgen and Wilhelm Herder
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1623 Jürgen Herder hardens swords during the Thirty Year`s War (1618-1648).

since 1650 Production of knives, mainly for the dutch market.

1727 In order to make Herder-knives unique, "Pic-As" is beeing registered as the oldest trademark in Solingen.

since 1800 Herder knives are introduced in the Malay Archipelago by the Dutch East India Company.

1802 Trademark "Tjap Garpu" (Fork Brand) still a famous brand in the Near and Far East.


Expansion in South America and Southern Europe.

1925 Developement of a new stainless steel in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.


Trademark "Constant" for knives with blades of stainless steel.

1931 Trademark "Don Carlos" for professional knives and scissors made of high carbon steel.

since 1955 Entering of new markets in Europe, Near and Far East and North America.


Move to the new company building.

Trademarks: F. Herder's Real German Hollow Ground (1898 No.34262), La Perla (1899 No.40110), F.
Herder's Ready for Use (1903 No.58787), Friedr. Herder Abr. Sohn de echter Herder (1904 No.74797),
Constant, Contador, Herder, F. Herder, F. Herder A. Sn, Friedrich Herder Abr. Sohn Solingen, F.
Herderstahl Solingen, F. Herders Schopjesmesser, F. Herders Schopjesscharen, Pick-Ass, Pique-Ass,
Schüppen-Ass, Fortuna, Meevaler, Don Carlos (1932), Spade.