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The following list of videos is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive. It should, however, give you a good starting point.

Videos by David Polan (heavydutysg135)[edit | edit source]

Videos and discussion can be found here: Progressive Straight Razor Honing

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Videos by Lynn Abrams[edit | edit source]

All videos taken from The World of Straight Razor Shaving (DVD)

Videos by ToxIk[edit | edit source]

Videos by jockeys[edit | edit source]

All videos taken from https://straightrazorpalace.com/videos/28362-honing-stropping-demonstrations.html

Videos by Jockeys and Kenrup[edit | edit source]

At the DFW meetup in August 2009 our own kenrup took one of fritz's old beat up Wade and Butcher 7/8 meatchoppers and took it all the way from serrated butterknife to shaving jewel! Check out these videos to see how. The commentary is mostly me, but some of the other DFW shavers can be heard, such as spazola, fritz and t-ram.[1]

Straight Razor Palace '09 Convention - Lynn[edit | edit source]

All videos taken from https://straightrazorpalace.com/basic-honing/39369-razorcon-09-honing-videos.html

Links to Honing Videos, Throughout Straight Razor Forum[edit | edit source]

Below are links to threads that contain honing videos. These videos have been contributed by members of Straight Razor Palace. The decision to link the threads, instead of just placing the videos here, was to provide you with the discussion that accompanies the video. Often the creator of the video gives a narrative explaining the techniques used in the video.

This section is constantly changing with new videos being added. If you are a member and you do not see a video that you created listed here; then please let us know. We will see that the video is added.

Nagura Honing Video tutorial

The Perfect Edge straight Razor Sharpening Video

Bevel Setting On A Chosera 1K

Bevel Setting With A Shapton Glass 1K

Naniwa Super Stones Honing

JNat Finish

Kamisori Honing Video

Norton 4k 8K JaNorton Honing Videos

Frown Work & Bevel Setting Videos

Dished Out Hone Video

Honing a Smiling Wedge part # 3

Dilucot Honing Video

Help With Bevels Microscope Video

Video Of J. R. Torrey Razor Honed

Progressive Straight Razor Honing Clinic 9 Part Video Series

References[edit | edit source]