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I started with a Dubl Duck Wonderedge with severely warped scales, This is one time I have to mention the owner as he was nice enough to let me experiment on his Wonderedge Thank You, RayG !!!

We talked about what to do on this one as the blade is in great shape but the scales were shot...Ray and I decided that I could experiment with straightening these and if they were destroyed I would make him a set out of Ebony and do the inlays like Floppyshoes and I did in the Reaper thread.

The problem with straightening scales has always been the hit or miss heating and bending of the scales. I was looking for a way to eliminate that guess work and come up with a sure fire way of doing it.

The trick has always been to heat the scales and re-bend them, the problem was burning the crap outta yer fingers while trying to get the bends right...Usually ending up with worse warps than you started with.

Boiling water or steam has always been the safest way, but how to keep the razor hot and fingers not?

I built a Jig for this out of wood, and adjustable pins.. I drilled the holes through the razor and the wood so that when the pins were tightened the scales would be held straight... I used the #0 wide washers to spread the force, and the hex heads, so I could tighten them easy with the wrenches...

Dipping the jig with the scales attached loosely then waiting about 15 seconds the scales become flexible, I tightened the pins a little, then re-dipped and re-tightened until the scales were straightened out...

Then I put them in the fridge for about 15 minutes then took the pins off and the scales are "almost" dead straight.

The good news is that it works!!! YEAH !!!! Here are some things I would change...

  • Make the jig out of metal not wood, attach a handle or wire to lift it in and out of the pot.
  • Use distilled water, the white coating is from our well water I think, or the wood itself.
  • When scales are this warped there are normally other problems, if you look close there are some tiny pressure cracks right by the center pin hole that I am going to have to be very careful with when I re-pin this razor, so I am not out of the woods yet on this one.

Keep in mind that this is the first try at this technique, so go slow and careful when you try it... and keep us informed with your successes and failures!

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This article was originally by gssixgun[1].

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