Iwasaki "Size two NOS Tamahagane" Japanese

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Manufacturer| Iwasaki
Region| Japan
Date| Unknown
Size| Other
Point| Square
Scales| Unknown
Steel| Other


Manufacturer Iwasaki
Model Size two Tamahagane
Region Japan
Date Unknown
"Unknown" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Grind Other
Size Other
Point Square
Spine Decoration
Scales Unknown
Steel Other
Image Tamahagane Iwasaki 01.jpgTamahagane Iwasaki 02.jpg

Yes I saved the best til last, what else do you expect. Here it is, the beast of them all, the NOS size 2, Tamahagane Iwasaki razor. This is quite big and weighs a fair bit. Not sure I will ever put this one to my face. The size 1, one is also relatively heavy, compared to all the other razors. It's not a problem, just takes a little getting used to is all.[1]

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