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I have numbered the parts with kanji and taken photographs. A few facts must be pointed out to try to eliminate some confusion. Numbers 7 through 9 actually do not have a reading, so the Romaji (Japanese English) I wrote is not exact and if you say it to a Japanese person they will have no idea what you are talking about. The meaning of the kanji is understood, by Japanese. Kinda like if you see a picture which has a square with a few more little squares, and a rectangle in it, a triangle above the square, a rectangle to the side of the triangle, some green at the bottom of the picture, some blue at the top, and a small amount of orange/yellow in a top corner. One can establish that all that equals a picture of a house, with green grass, blue sky and shining sun.

The photographed side with all the numbered kanji is the Omote (front). Number 7 is folded over part it represents. The second photo specifically shows number 9 and the part of the blade it represents. I have done my best to cut down on confusion, but some confusion may be inevitable. EDIT: The line on number 5 needs to go onto the actual blade. It's the part right between the finger grip and number 3. I was not going to draw on my razor for this, and I didn't think to use a match at the time.

Another thing I think Kevin and I discussed, (Unless I am dreaming) is to refer to the parts by their Japanese name rather than the English equivalent. I mention this, because my honing guide for Japanese razors will refer to the parts by their Japanese name.

Acknowledgements[edit | edit source]

This article was originally posted by OLD_SCHOOL in https://straightrazorpalace.com/razors/35204-japanese-razor-part-names.html. "Several months ago, KevinT and I were discussing Japanese razors in the chatroom, and he mentioned the idea of getting razor part names in Japanese. So credit for the idea must go to Kevin, but credit for the research, translating and of course the cool little photos."