Kikuboshi Razor Company "Chrysanthemum Star"

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Copy/Paste for Forum

Manufacturer| Kikuboshi razor company
Region| Japan
Date| Unknown
Size| 6/8
Point| Square
Shoulder| Shoulderless
Jimps| None
Scales| Unknown
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Kikuboshi razor company
Model Chrysanthemum
Region Japan
Date Unknown
"Unknown" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Grind Other
Size 6/8
Point Square
Shoulder Shoulderless
Spine Decoration none
Jimps None
Scales Unknown
Steel Carbon
Image Chrysanthemum.jpgChrysanthemumg Cimg3786.jpg

I couldn't think of an imaginative name like some other members here, but this one will suffice. Apart from myself, I know for a fact there is at least one other member with one of these razors, and once upon a time there was one other, but that member is no longer active.

This thread is for the owners of razors manufactured by the Kikuboshi company in Japan. For those unfamiliar with my previous posts and or Japanese, Kikuboshi stands for chrysanthemum star.Attempts in getting more information about Kikuboshi Co, have been fruitless up to this point, but I do hope some day I will be able to provide folks with more info about the damn fine razors that were produced in the day. If you have any of these razors, then please post here and also be sure to tell us your thoughts on these razors. I can't say what makes these razors so good, but they do offer superb shaves which offer some serious competition against some of their western counter parts.[1]

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