Landers, Frary & Clark

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Name Landers, Frary & Clark
Location New Britain, Connecticut
Dates of Operation 1865 - 1950
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L.F. & C. was formed in 1862, when the firm of Landers and Smith purchased Frary and Carey. They were reorganized in 1865

 as Landers, Frary and Clark.

In 1866 , L.F. & C. purchased a factory from the Meriden Cutlery Company, and began making table cutlery, and fixed blade knives.

In 1909, they purchased the trademark Universal from Levi T.Snow of New Haven, Connecticut.

In 1912, L.F. & C. purchased the Humason & Beckley Manufacturing Company of New Britain, and began manufacturing pocket

knives and razors.

In 1918, L.F. & C. purchased all of the Meriden Cutlery Company.

In 1950, the cutlery division was discontinued. The firm continued in its other endeavors until 1965, when all assets, patents and

trademarks were sold to the General Electric Corporation.