Making an eraser bit for a hand held (Dremel type) grinder

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This article was originally posted by IceDog[1]

I have a very nice razor that was given to me by the owner of Hoffritz Cutlery back in the early 1980's. My first wife cut me with it and by the time I got home from the hospital the blood had stained the blade. I put it away then and stayed away from straight shaving until about two years ago when I started the collection all over. I only just found my old Hoffritz razor when we moved last month. The blade was still stained which I was sure I could clean but I didn't want to damage the beautiful gold wash. I tried a pencil eraser (Brits and Canucks call them rubbers) and it worked well, very well. I came up with this easy method to make an eraser bit for my hand held (Dremel type)grinder.

And it only cost as much as a cheap drill bit and a pencil!

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