Making basic soap lather

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Building lather in a bowl[edit | edit source]

I'll try to keep it simple. Bowl could be anything where you can whip the lather, old soap mug, bowl, latte cup etc. Mine has bought from flea market for 2€. It's fun to try a different sizes and shapes and I'm sure you can find one to suits you best.

Brush is Tweezerman badger brush which is in my opinion a very good starter brush. It's cheap ($13) and works well with soaps. I really like this brush and I can honestly say that it is good value for money. When I get a new brush and before the first use I wash the brush using a normal shampoo and hair conditioner same way like I do with my hair. It softens the bristles a little bit and brush starts to work better.

Soap is Kent luxury shaving soap ( same soap as Mitchell wool fat, MWF). Good starter soap and quite inexpensive too. Not as cheap as Williams but much better quality. Mild clean scented and pretty easy to lather up.

N.B. If you have a hard water or other difficulties to get a proper lather with soap I suggest you to try a direct face lathering too. It gives sometimes better load of soap straight to the face and brings much thicker and rich lather. After step 7 rinse your face and go straight to the face instead of bowl.

TonyJ 14:45, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

Building lather directly on face[edit | edit source]

This illustrates how I build lather directly on my face. The actual results are dependent on the quality of brush, the properties of the soap and the hardness of water. I find that all soaps that I use work essentially the same with my brush. Loading the brush takes me 7-15 seconds and creating the lather on my face seems to average 40 seconds, although I may occasionally go for over a minute just because I like masagging my face.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

In the image tutorial below I will use the Crabtree and Evelyn's soap, which is the one I found hardest to lather when I was just starting.