Mastro Livi "For Straight Razor Place" 7/8

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Manufacturer| Mastro Livi
Region| Perugia, Italy
Date| 2008
Size| 7/8
Point| Spanish
Shoulder| 1 stabilizer
Jimps| Upper & Lower
Scales| Wood
Steel| Stainless


Manufacturer Mastro Livi
Model "For Straight Razor Place"
Region Perugia, Italy
Date 2008
Grind Full Hollow
Size 7/8
Point Spanish
Shoulder 1 stabilizer
Spine Decoration file work
Jimps Upper & Lower
Scales Wood
Steel Stainless
Image Livi for srp.jpg

This is a limited edition razor (1 of 30) made by the Mastro Livi for the Straight Razor Place. It is ATS-34 steel with olive wood scales.