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Tony Miller Heirloom "Traditional" Artisan hanging strop

A razor strop is flexible strip of leather or canvas used to maintain a shaving edge on a thin blade such as a straight razor. Fine powdered jeweler's rouge or other pastes can be added as an abrasive to polish the blade.

The strop may be a hanging strip or a hand-held paddle.[1]

What is the strop used for?[edit | edit source]

Stropping is one the most important steps in keeping your razor shaving sharp.

What is the linen/cotton side of the strop used for?[edit | edit source]

Some strops have linen, webbed fabric or cotton backings. There is not a general consensus even among experts why these materials work, but many users find them to be very beneficial in their stropping routines.

Using a strop[edit | edit source]

Please refer to the article Razor stropping in the stropping category.

Treating and repairing strops[edit | edit source]

Please refer to the article strop treatment and repair.

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