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Dovo Shavette

A Shavette is a straight razor made by Dovo that takes disposable blades. There are three blade holders available for the Shavette that slide into the Shavette. The red one takes regular Double Edge razor blades snapped in half. The black one takes the longer versions of Double edge blades made by Dovo. There is also a green blade holder available that accepts the same rigid backed single edge blades used by Fromm and other disposable straight razors.

What are the advantages of a Shavette?[edit | edit source]

As the Shavette takes DE razorblades it is not necessary to strop the razor or to hone the razor. So the equipment needed to keep the razor shaveready is greatly reduced. Also the time spent on honing and stropping is replaced by changing the razor blade.(can be done in 5 seconds)

The Downsides[edit | edit source]

The DE razorblades are very sharp and the blade is shorter with two spike points (depending on the DE blades used) this makes the blades very unforgiving for any errors.

  • If you use too much pressure you will bleed
  • Wrong angle and you will bleed
  • Move your face while the razor is on your face and you will bleed

These thing make the shaves with the Shavette less comfortable than the real straight razors. Especially at the start of the straight shaving career.

Reasons to buy a Shavette[edit | edit source]

There are a number of reasons you could buy a Shavette.

  • The Shavette is not expensive and you do not have to buy anything to maintain a sharp edge except inexpensive DE blades.
  • If you travel you do not have to take a strop with you. And when you are planning a longer trip you don't need a hone.
  • When you travel on an airplane you can take the Shavette in your carry on luggage and keep the DE blades in the suitcase. if your suitcase does not arrive you've only lost the DE blades.
  • If you only have one real straight razor you could have a spare razor that is always sharp and shave ready. This way you can send your real straight out to get honed (or try it yourself) and still have a straight shave.
  • If you are in a hurry in the morning you can save time by not having to strop the razor. It only saves a couple of minutes but if that is what it takes.. why not.
  • The shaves you get from a Shavette can be just as close as the real straight.
  • It makes your learning curve very steep. You will learn very quickly to not use any pressure and what happens if you move your face while the razor is on it. Good thing about it is that the nicks are very clean and heal quickly.. but you will look like you have been attacked by a cat.

Reasons not to buy a Shavette[edit | edit source]

  • The Shavette is not as comfortable as the real Straight so you should not expect to buy a Shavette and be ready for the rest of your shaving carreer. Eventualy you will want to try the real thing and buy a good strop and hone to at least touch-up your razor.
  • If you are impatient, do not buy a Shavette because you will get hurt.
  • The Shavette does not feel the same as the real straight. it is very light. So if you like heavier tools to shave. Don't buy the Shavette.

Is a Shavette a good start to learn how shave with a straight?[edit | edit source]

For some it is and for some it isn't. The learning curve with a shavette is pretty steep and you will learn shaving with a straight the hard way. In the end you will be rewarded with a BBS shave or you will decide that this is not for you and you have lost a dream but the monetary damage isn't that big. If you are sure you will like the straight on the long run and you see no advantage in having a straight that's always shave ready without the need to strop every day or hone every now and then, you should just get some shave ready razors and a strop and start out shaving with it.

Images of a Shavette[edit | edit source]