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Building your own cabinet[edit | edit source]

Originally posted here on SRP by [1].

I used plain 22mm MDF (7/8" I guess) for building this cabinet, it is entirely glued together, no screws, only for the hinges. The cabinet is 150mm deep (about 6"). The actual razor storage part is less deep, about 50mm (2"). The inside panel is MDF with a piece of fabric glued to it. The razors rest on screwable hooks, of which I covered the metal with heatshrink tubing to prevent slipping of, and damage to the razor. The door is made from the wood they use to build frames to attach the glass in windows. The door is sealed with a foam adhesive strip, like the ones you stick to your door to prevent the draft.

Building a razor display case[edit | edit source]

Original unedited post here on SRP by [2].

I was at Hobby Lobby and came across some large shadow boxes. The backing looked like hell and would never work for razors. Thin, flimsy foam with a thin wood backing, but it had potential.

So I picked up one of the cases. I removed the junk backing and cut a ½ inch sheet of ply wood to refit the box. I was going to use some crushed purple velvet for a cover. You have to take into account the thickness of the material as it wraps around the board so you need a little clearance but it still needs to fit tight. Measure twice, cut once, off the workshop I go. I ripped the ply down to size on the band saw (you have to make sure to keep your cuts square or your backing will be no good). I used some general purpose spray adhesive on the board and fitted it with the purple velvet working to make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles in the fabric. Glue the sides around to the back, trim the excess and screw it all together.

For hangers I went with 5/8 inch brass shoulder hooks (from Lowe’s in the hardware department, part 491392.). I marked the backing off with a grid using string to make sure my lines were straight. I predrilled a pilot for each screw in hanger and screw them in. The door has a magnetic closure and works darn good. While it is not as flashy as my Thiers case, it also cost a fraction as much and holds quite a few more blades. I may get adventurous some day and flush mount a button magnet behind each mount to hold the blade partially open like the Thiers. But for the cost, it will work darn good.

If I was doing it again, I would go with a lighter backing. That was material left over from a gun case I made years ago. It is a little to dark with the black shadow box. I was thinking of veneering it with some other wood but it is more work than I want to go through. I could make one in solid wood just as fast as I could veneer this one.

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