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The following list of videos is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive. It should, however, give you a good starting point.

Videos by Lynn Abrams[edit | edit source]

Lynn Abrams, founder of, demonstrates how to shave with a straight razor.
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Videos by jockeys[edit | edit source]

These were filmed at the DFW 2009 Summer get-together. Fritz was kind enough to help me by filming, and Spazola was there for color commentary. Hope this helps any newbies that are interested.

Techniques covered:

  • coup de maître
  • with the grain
  • across the grain
  • against the grain
  • diagonal passes

I'm fully clean shaven, started off with 3 days off stubble so it would be more obvious. Feedback is always welcome![1]

Shaving Tutorial V3.0 now with closeups

References[edit | edit source]