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This page is the Shumate Razor Company history page.
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Name Shumate
Location Austin, Texas & St. Louis, Missouri
Dates of Operation 1900-1932
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Owners Albert Teagarden, Joseph Shumate

Shumate, [shu-MAH-tay], sold high-quality razors from 1900 until 1932. They are still widely available and considered very good shavers.

History[1][edit | edit source]

1884- Albert Teagarden founds a general goods retailing company [name?] in Austin, Texas.

1885- Joseph Shumate becomes partner, company named Teagarden & Shumate.

1900 (approx.)- Firm first deals in cutlery, company renamed Shumate Razor Company.

1904-1906- Company relocates to St. Louis, Missouri.

References[edit | edit source]

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