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Brard "Empire" 7/8BrardEmpireFranceHalf Hollow7/8French (Oblique)2 stabilizersbothCelluloid?Carbon
Breidohr, Johann "47 The Three Crosses" 8/8Breidohr, Johann Stahlwarenfabrik47 / The Three CrossesSolingen, GermanyHalf Hollow8/8Round2 stabilizersLowerCelluloidUnknown
Breidohr, Johann "Les+++Croix" 6/8Breidohr, Johann StahlwarenfabrikLes+++CroixSolingen, Germany1950Full Hollow6/8Round2 stabilizersLowerPlasticCarbon
Breidohr, Johann Stahlwarenfabrik
Bresduck Inc "Lifetime - Wedge (Rooster)" 5/8Bresduck Inc.Lifetime - Wedge (Rooster)Solingen, Germany (presumed)Near Wedge5/8Square1 stabilizerNonePlasticCarbon
Bresduck Inc.
Bresnick, C. S. "Flying Dutchman" 4/8Bresduck Inc.Flying DutchmanSolingen, GermanyQuarter Hollow4/8Square1 stabilizerNoneCelluloidCarbon
Broch, C Söhne "206" 5/8Broch, C. Söhne206Solingen, GermanyFull Hollow5/8Square1 stabilizerNoneHornCarbon
Brookes & Crookes
Brookes & Crookes "No 2 from set" 7/8Brookes & CrookesNo 2 from setSheffield1859True Wedge7/8Spanish1 stabilizerNoneIvoryCarbon
Brossard "Cuillère" 5/8BrossardCuillèreFranceHalf Hollow5/8Round2 stabilizersLowerCelluloidCarbon
Brummel-Werk "40" 6/8Brummel-Werk40Solingen, GermanyFull Hollow6/8Square2 stabilizersNonePlasticCarbon
Busch, Otto "Pirola 1" 11/16Busch, OttoPirola 1GermanyFull Hollow11/16RoundUnknownUnknown
Busch, Otto "Unspecified" 13/16Busch, OttoUnspecifiedSolingen-Wald, GermanyHalf Hollow13/16Round2 stabilizersLowerCelluloidUnknown
Busch, Otto "Weltmeister 42" 5/8Busch, OttoWeltmeister 42Solingen, GermanyQuarter Hollow5/8French (Oblique)otherNoneCelluloidCarbon
Busch, Otto "Weltmeister" 7/8Busch, OttoWeltmeisterGermanyFull Hollow7/8Round2 stabilizersLowerCelluloidCarbon
Busch, Otto "Weltmeister" OtherBusch, OttoWeltmeisterSolingen, Germany49 JLFull HollowOtherFrench (Oblique)1 stabilizerLowerCelluloidCarbon
Busold, W. "40 BUSSARD" 5/8Busold, W.40 BUSSARDSolingen, GermanyFull Hollow5/8Round1 stabilizerUpper & LowerUnknownCarbon
Butcher Bros "None Specified" 11/16Butcher Bros.None SpecifiedGermanyFull Hollow11/16SquareCelluloidCarbon
Butler, George & Co
Butler, George & Co "The Hollow Ground Razor" 6/8Butler, George & CoThe Hollow Ground RazorTrinity Works, SheffieldFull Hollow6/8Barber's Notch2 stabilizersNoneHornCarbon
Böker "Radium" 5/8BokerRadiumUnspecifiedFull Hollow5/8Round1 stabilizerUpper & LowerUnknownCarbon
Böker, H & Co "Bicycle Race" 7/8Böker, H. & Co.Bicycle RaceGermany1884Half Hollow7/8SquareShoulderlessLowerCelluloidCarbon
Böker, H & Co "Good as gold" 5/8Böker, H. & Co.Good as goldSolingen, GermanyFull Hollow5/8SquareFaux IvoryUnknown
Böker, H & Co "Rastus" 13/16Böker, H. & Co.Rastus #52GermanyQuarter Hollow13/16SquareCelluloidUnknown
Böker, H & Co "Red Injun No 101" 11/16Böker, H. & Co.Red Injun No. 101GermanyFull Hollow11/16Spike1 stabilizerBothCelluloidCarbon
Böker, H & Co "Shaver's Delight 2771" 11/16Böker, H. & Co.Shaver's Delight 2771GermanyHalf Hollow11/16SquareCelluloidCarbon
Böker, H & Co "The King 1386" 5/8Böker, H. & Co.The King 1386Solingen, Germany1920Half Hollow5/8Spike2 stabilizersUpperFaux IvoryCarbon
Böker, H & Co "Warranted" 6/8Böker, H. & Co.WarrantedSheffield Steel, German GroundHalf Hollow6/8French (Oblique)ShoulderlessLowerFaux IvoryUnknown
Böker, H. & Co.
Böker, H. & Co. "Eclipse Cutlery Co" 5/8Böker, H. & Co.Eclipse Cutlery CoGermanyFull Hollow5/8Barber's Notch1 stabilizerLowerOtherCarbon
Böker, H. & Co. "King Cutter" 5/8Böker, H. & Co.King CutterSolingen, GermanyFull Hollow5/8Round2 stabilizersUpperCelluloidCarbon
Böntgen & Sabin
Böntgen & Sabin "Finest Sheffield Steel" 6/8Böntgen & SabinFinest Sheffield SteelSolingen, GermanyFull Hollow6/8Square1 stabilizerUpper & LowerCelluloidCarbon
C X Lockwood Brothers "Pampa" 5/8Lockwood Bros LTDPampaSheffield, EnglandQuarter Hollow5/8French (Oblique)CelluloidCarbon
C&H Birkendahl "Birkaso" 5/8C&H BirkendahlBirkasoSolingen, GermanyExtra Hollow5/8RoundotherNonePlasticStainless
C-Mon "Blackie" 15/16Monkhouse, CarlBlackieSolingen, GermanyFull Hollow15/16Square2 stabilizersNonePlasticCarbon
C-Mon "Blackie" 6/8Michels, Peter J.C-Mon BlackieGermanyFull Hollow6/8Spike1 stabilizerNoneCelluloidCarbon
C-Mon "Diamond" 11/16Monkhouse, CarlC-Mon (diamond) Hammered tangEllicottville, NY USA1940Extra Hollow11/16SquarePlasticCarbon
C-Mon "Special" 6/8Michels, Peter J.C-Mon SpecialGermanyFull Hollow6/8Spike1 stabilizerNoneCelluloidCarbon
Cadman "Bengall Cast Steel" 11/16Cadman, T. R. & SonsBengall Cast SteelSheffield, EnglandTrue Wedge11/16Square2 stabilizersNoneHornCarbon
Cadman, T R & Sons "Bengall near wedge" 11/16Cadman, T. R. & SonsBengall near wedgeSheffield, EnglandNear Wedge11/16Square1 stabilizerNoneHornCarbon
Cadman, T R & Sons "Bengall" 5/8Cadman, T. R. & SonsBengallSheffield, EnglandFull Hollow5/8Round2 stabilizersLowerCelluloidCarbon
Cadman, T. R. & Sons
Carrara "No 877" 4/8CarraraNo.877Sheffield, England20 JLExtra Hollow4/8Round2 stabilizersUpper & LowerHornCarbon
Carrington & Co "Sheffield Steel" OtherCarrington & CoSheffield SteelEngland1906Full HollowOtherSquare1 stabilizerNoneCelluloidUnknown
Carroll Cutlery Co "None Specified" 6/8Carroll Cutlery Co.None SpecifiedChicago, ILHalf Hollow6/8SquareCelluloidCarbon
Case Brothers "Gates & Hillier" 5/8Case BrothersGates & HillierLittle Valley, NYNear Wedge5/8Barber's Notch2 stabilizersNoneBakeliteCarbon
Case, W R and Sons "Case's Ace" 13/16Case, W.R. and SonsCase's AceBradford PAFull Hollow13/16SpikeCelluloidCarbon
Case, W R and Sons "Red Imp 132" 5/8Case, W.R. and SonsRed Imp 132USANear Wedge5/8Square1 stabilizerNonePlasticCarbon