Steinbruck & Drucks "614" 11/16

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Manufacturer| Steinbruck & Drucks
Region| Solingen, Germany
Date| 1923 +
Size| 11/16
Point| Spike
Shoulder| other
Jimps| None
Scales| Plastic
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Steinbruck & Drucks
Model 614
Region Solingen, Germany
Date 1923 +
Grind Full Hollow
Size 11/16
Point Spike
Shoulder other
Spine Decoration none
Jimps None
Scales Plastic
Steel Carbon
Image Mozart.jpg

MOZART AG was founded in Solingen, the world-famous city of cutting tools, under the name of Steinbrück & Drucks as factory for steel products in the year 1923. Up until the 60ies of the twentieth century, Steinbrück & Drucks exported millions of razor blades into the entire world. Sub-sequently, the product range changed however and the company developed into one of the world’s leading producers of technical blades thanks to the high quality standard of its products. In the year 2000, the family company was converted into a joint-stock company and the meanwhile world-famous brand MOZART became the name of the new plc. Today, the blade specialists produce an extensive product range of blades for floor covering for craftsmen through to individual special products for customers from the most varied industrial fields of application with more than 100 qualified employees. For this, starting with the quality control for supplied raw materials, continuing with the entire serial production and arriving at the examination of finished products, all work processes are carried out directly in-house. Through numerous innovations the company has given decisive impulses to the market over the years: the fully automated regulation for a refined cut using laser cameras, titan-hard covering for highest quality demands and the professional floor covering knife Allegro® are only some few examples of the efficiency at MOZART AG.