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While determining an exact grade requires some skill, getting a ballpark idea is within the realm of everyone who can read this page. Straight razor grading is done evaluating separately three aspects: the blade, marks and decorations on the blade, the scales. Following a long tradition of coin collecting, the nomenclature is as follow: MS = mint; EF = extremely fine; VF = very fine; F = fine; VG = very good; G = good; AG = almost good; Fair = fair; Basal = basal state. Results are expressed in this way: [blade, marks&decorations, scales]. In case of evidently not original scales, the respective grade must be indicated between round brackets. This is an example of straight razor grading notation: [F,VG,(MS)]. For each grade (see below), one element of the list is enough to configure the razor part as belonging to the considered grade (ex: a blade with dark blemishes is VG even without traces of oxidation).

Blade[edit | edit source]

MS: as new and never circulated; no traces of honing;

EF: as new; barely visible and uniform honing wear;

VF-F: no traces of oxidation; little darker blemishes, patina, visible and uniform honing wear;

VG-G: little traces of oxidation, dark blemishes, patina, little changes of the blade shape (simmetry, grind, size) due to honing wear;

AG: extended traces of oxidation, extended changes of the blade shape due to honing wear;

Fair: cracks, heavy oxidation, heavy honing wear;

Basal: you can identify the lump of metal as being a razor.

Marks and decorations[edit | edit source]

MS: as new, never circulated;

EF: as new;

VF-F: slightly worn but completely visible;

VG-G: worn or damaged but completely visible;

AG: partially invisible;

Fair: almost completely invisible or unreadable (just traces of their existence).

Basal: completely deleted.

Scales[edit | edit source]

MS: as new, never circulated;

EF: as new, no marks or blemishes;

VF-F: small marks or blemishes, no chips cracks or deformation; original pins, if loose still with centered action;

VG-G: marks, small chips or deformations; original pins;

AG: evident chips or deformation; pins could have been replaced;

Fair: cracked; replaced or lacking pins;

Basal: fragments of scales.

Visual guide[edit | edit source]


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