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Shaving related sites[edit | edit source]

A Cutthroat Business 
A nice entry on Men's Essentials about straight razor shaving 
Wikipedia's entry on straight razors. 
Principles and practice of straight razor use and care, collecting, and history is the Leading edge of Knife Discussion. With over 20,000 members and 1 million posts, if you can't find knife information here, it isn't anywhere. 
Explore the art of wet shaving! 
This is a wet-shaving community, with discussions on all aspects of shaving and men's grooming.
The Perfect Shave 
The Gentleman's Shop's guide to the art of wet shaving. 
A story about straight razor shaving with information on razors, honing and the process of shaving.

Honing related sites[edit | edit source]

How to sharpen a razor 
Instructions presented by

Histories of Barbers, Cutlers, and Straight Razors[edit | edit source] 
History of the DOVO company.
Tales & Traditions 
Tales and Traditions of W.R. Case & Sons cutlery. 
The Knife Makers Who Went West by Harvey Platts (online) 
A compilation of dates of operation of companies making straight razors
Ed Jeffers Barber Museum
An online barber museum complete with pictures, virtual tours and the history of barbering.
Ken Hawley on Sheffield Razors 
Notes on Sheffield razor-making from the Ken Hawley collection including written observations and hand drawn diagrams[edit | edit source]

SRP Member List 
The list of members at SRP
SRP Member Map 
The map of members at SRP
Restoration Chat 
Chat room for discussion of repairing, restoring, and making straight razors. Meets on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm central
SRP Member ads for razors, supplies, honing and repair services, and other items

Books and DVDs[edit | edit source] 
The Art of the Straight Razor Shave by Christopher Moss (Book) in Diet & Health : An illustrated guide for anyone interested in the use of the straight razor, with step-by-step photographs to take you through your first straight shave. 
*THE* definitive guide to straight razor restoration, complete with pictures, videos, and detailed instructions on how to take your rusting hunk of junk and make it a working razor. 
The Standard Guide to Razors 3rd Edition delivers a discussion of factors that determine collector value, an appraisal chart of razors, notes on extended appraisals, & listings of companies & base values

Online Shops[edit | edit source] 
The Different Scent is based in Berlin, Germany. They have a (German language only) online shop, and offer all sorts of shaving related products, as well as a honing service, and shaving classes.

Other Useful Links[edit | edit source] 
An article dealing with the history, makeup and use of celluloid - that material we love to hate.