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A Straight Razor Ruler

This afternoon I unexpectedly had five minutes of spare time, so I thought I could give a break from my job duties and work on an "old" project of mine about a Straight Razor Ruler. The project consists in a tiny Postscript language file I started in 2007 and today I thought I would have added a horizontal ruler in order to measure the length of blade as well. After five years of service, I think it would deserve an improvement!
This ruler helped me a lot in measuring the size of blades of the razors I bought and buy for my collection. You know, here in the "Old Europe" we do not make use of inches as we are more familiar with the centimeters. You know razors are measured in inches and fractions of it, so this could be useful to give both the size of the blade as well as an idea of it, therefore to check it out in order to see if the blade corresponds to what it is supposed to be or not.
I am sharing this with you: maybe you can provide new input or ideas in order to improve this ruler and to make it even better.

Razor Ruler 1.JPG

The "Razorguy" Straight Razor Ruler

Razor Ruler 2.JPG

The ruler measuring a "Wade & Butcher" blade

Razor Ruler 3.JPG

The ruler and a custom "Wade & Butcher" straight razor

As you can see, the ruler has three vertical scales (1/16" - 1/8" - millimeters) and a horizontal scale measuring inches and fractions of 1/8 inches as well as centimeters. The prototype you are watching here was printed in a cardboard, then plastic-coated with an adhesive acetate sheet.

Also, here is a link that provides you a clear example of the razor ruler, Straight Razor Ruler

Looking forward for your comments, opinions and idea.

The contents of this page have been provided by Antonello, "Razorguy" of Straight Razor Palace.