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This is an amalgamated version of Some of Thebigspendur's axioms of shaving and the posts contained therein

  1. Don’t be afraid of the razor. If you’re afraid of the razor you will never master it, it will master you. No different than learning to shoot a gun. If you’re afraid of it you’ll never shoot straight.
  2. If you think you're going to cut yourself you will. This kind of goes with number one. You have to have confidence in your abilities to use the instrument. If you don’t it's bad karma and something bad will happen.
  3. If you’re in a hurry or can’t concentrate use another means to shave. Straight shaving takes full concentration. If you have a lot on your mind or are in a hurry or have to talk to someone while shaving don’t do it. Personally the only times I’ve really cut myself was when I violated this rule.
  4. Sharp exposed straight blades never cause harm to anyone. That’s kind of like loaded firearms never harm anyone only unloaded ones cause harm. You have to always know where the blade is and where all parts of your anatomy are in relationship to the blade at all times. And never carry or walk around with an open straight. And I think it was Rich who said “don’t shave naked”
  5. If a little honing goes a long way a lot of honing must go further. The only thing a lot of honing will do is wear down your blade. The trick is to expose the blade to as little contact with the hone as possible to get the maximum result. Remember, each time the razor slides down the hone your leaving metal behind.
  6. Spending more money on razors and paraphernalia does not guarantee better shaves. Your shaves only become better as your mastery of the skill increases. Spending more money may increase your satisfaction and may make you feel better but as far as better shaves go...
  7. The hone doesn't do damage to your razor. You do damage to your razor when honing wrong.
  8. It's just a stone..... don't be afraid of it.
  9. Pick the right gear. Chipped or bad-quality blades will ensure injuries and discomfort. Say NO to Pakistani steel
  10. If your straight razor doesn't give you the most comfortable shave of anything you've ever used, either you've got a cheap/poor razor, it's poorly honed, or you don't know how to shave.
  11. Honing isn't rocket science. It's just shaping metal into a nice polished shape that cuts well.
  12. You can only shave with one razor at a time. But you can enjoy looking at, fiddling with, trading and owning as many as you can buy.
  13. If you worry about wearing your blade away to nothing by over honing it with your fine barber hones, use those hones to hone out a small nick in the blade and you may end up with a different perspective after a few weeks.
  14. Some of the best shavers have plain black handles and plain undecorated blades.
  15. If you cut yourself bad enough to leave a faint scar, chances are it was because you were careless with a spike point razor.
  16. If you had to shave with a Pakistani razor every day, you'd be trying to find a way to meet Allah as quickly as possible, too.
  17. Friends give you wedges, not wedgies.
  18. The more you know, the more you know how much there is to learn.
  19. If half the barbers say you must rest a razor for a day or two after shaving and half the barbers say you don't, then we know that half the barber's are wrong about something as simple as that. Accept their expert opinion on anything more complex at your own risk.
  20. Don't expect too much too quickly when first starting out with a straight. Close shaves come with experience.
  21. More razors won't buy happiness, but there's no harm in trying to prove this theory wrong. I am currently resisting the urge too buy another. Bill will be the first to know if I do.
  22. If the shave isn't going well and the razor isn't cutting your stubble well and easily, stop shaving and finish with another razor/shaving method. Going over a stubborn spot your face 10 times with a dull razor won't make your face smooth or your razor sharp, it will just make your face hurt and prevent you from shaving tomorrow.
  23. Be in the act of the shave, use your entire focus on your shave and your shave will be more enjoyable, your day will start better and your mind will be clearer.