Thiers Issard "SRP First Limited Edition No 1" 6/8

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Manufacturer| Thiers Issard
Region| France
Date| 2007
Size| 6/8
Point| Round
Shoulder| 2 stabilizers
Jimps| Upper & Lower
Scales| Wood
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Thiers Issard
Model SRP First Limited Edition No. 1
Region France
Date 2007
Grind Full Hollow
Size 6/8
Point Round
Shoulder 2 stabilizers
Spine Decoration none
Jimps Upper & Lower
Scales Wood
Steel Carbon
Image SRP LE TI.jpg

"This was a limited edition run through classicshaving and indeed the razors were made bu Thiers-Issard, who is owned by Sabatier. IIRC there are 250 of them, to order you had to give your srp name to classicshaving (with enough determination I'm certain you can find who the original owner was). Lynn owns #1, as everybody who has seen his DVD can confirm. What it's worth - well the price was changing with time, so let's just say they were mid-priced TI."[1]

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