Toby, George "Egypt Razor"

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Manufacturer| Toby, George
Region| Sold in St. Paul, MN
Date| 1875 - 1925
Size| Other
Point| Spanish
Scales| Celluloid
Steel| Unknown


Manufacturer Toby, George
Model Egypt Razor
Region Sold in St. Paul, MN
Date 1875 - 1925
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Grind Full Hollow
Size Other
Point Spanish
Spine Decoration
Scales Celluloid
Steel Unknown
Image George Toby - Egypt Razor 001.JPGGeorge Toby - Egypt Razor 002.JPGGeorge Toby - Egypt Razor 003.JPG

Sold by George Toby, a turn of the century Syrian wholesale merchant

This razor has a worked spine and what may be considered a Spanish tip or point. The face of the blade has been colorfully etched and the celluloid scales are beautifully carved.

George Toby was one of the first Syrians in St. Paul, MN who had set up a shop there as early as 1889.[1]

The newspaper clipping shown here describes an elaborate Syrian wedding for George Toby's son Moses in 1912. The ritual included a shave for the groom where each wedding guest would help lather him and shave a portion of his face.[2]

George Toby newspaper snippet 01.jpg