Trout Chicago Square Deal Escher

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This is a small Escher, rebranded with the Square Deal trademark for George W. Trout. Noteworthy: this is one of the few labels displaying both Escher's name and that of the subsidiary.

The hone itself has some size irregularities (it tapers a bit, as seen in the picture) and is bit harder than usual. Although this reduces wear, it also makes it a slower hone. The rubber that originally came with the hone unfortunately misses. It seems to have been relatively small.

Box reads outside:

Square Deal trade mark
Square Deal * Finest Quality
Water Razor Hones
Manufactured expressly for

Trout Hdwe.Co.Chicago

by.J.G.Escher Sohn, Sonneberg.

Box reads inside:

Dieser Stein ist sehr feinkörnig
und wird, nur mit Wasser gebraucht,
eine sehr feine Schneide erzeugen.
Oel und Fett müssen ferngehalten

This stone is to be used with
water only which will impart a very
smooth and durable edge.
Keep it free from oil and grease.
Made in Germany.