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Welcome to Jimbo's[1] Wiki page![edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Wiki's home of the gormless twit! But don't let Jimbo fool you. Though he is quite the comic, he occasionally reveals maturity beyond his many, many years.

  • Veracity of the content of this article pending Jimbo's careful review. In no way do the views expressed here necessarily reflect on the views of the article's contributors. Thanks. +1. Rep. ~ Lee 17:49, 22 January 2009 (UTC)

Quotes[edit | edit source]


I guess it was bound to come out eventually. Yes I, Jimbo, am fiddy cent. Keep it real, homies.

And don't forget - when you are down with all that, keep hydrated. 9 out of 10 scienticians recommend vitamins in your water. Drink fiddy vitamin water. Drive-bys just fly by with fiddy vitamin water.



[edit | edit source]


We could invent a schlong-sling (C) (TM)(Pat. Pending) that attaches to the seat of the toilet for all those seated squirters out there. Gently yet comfortably supports the member's member in a natural position reducing stress and pressure during the act of seated urination.

I am also working on the "Ball Bra", but that is something for another thread.


[edit | edit source]

Oh sure - my dog reads....

Mable has a little trouble with her Latin deponent verbs, but apart from that she is OK. She does have issues with US spelling though, and is liable to whine a bit when she sees "favorite" instead of "favourite", for example.

Milly, on the other hand, is barely literate. We call her Claudia (Schiffer - brains) or Alexandre (Dumas - dumbass) but not to her face - she is a little touchy. We will probably stop doing that once she reaches 5th grade reading level.


On Self-discovery[edit | edit source]

Gormless Twit (academic variety)


On Being an Opportunist[edit | edit source]

Screw the next generation man! They're out to screw us. Get in while the getting's good!


On the Proposed Reputation System, Thanks, and +1[edit | edit source]

Now I am just confused

Any of these buttons pressed in isolation would have a weird interpretation:

+Warning: Tongue in cheek Alert!!+

  • Thanks - Thanks for that post. I neither agree with it (else I would hit the "+1" button), nor do I respect it (else I would hit the "respect" button) but thanks for posting it all the same.
AKA the "sarcastic" button.
  • +1 - I agree with your post. But I do not respect it. Nor do I thank you for posting it.
AKA the "grudging acceptance" button.
  • Respect - I respect your post. I don't agree with it. I don't thank you for it.
AKA the "you have a right to your opinion, I guess" button.

Then of course there could be interactions (assuming the order in which the buttons were pressed is either not important or unknowable, or both):

  • Thanks & +1 - Thanks for posting something I agree with but do not respect.
AKA the "thank God you took the fall for that one" combo.
  • Thanks & Respect - Respect! I'd just like to thank you for posting something I disagree with.
AKA the "sycophant" combo.
  • +1 & Respect - I agree with and respect your post. But I do not thank you for posting it.
AKA the "I hate you, you smug smart-ass" combo.

Of course, a post could hit the mother load:

  • Thanks & +1 & Respect - Thanks for that post. I agree with and respect your view on this matter.
AKA the "Jimbo" post.

Thank you.




[edit | edit source]

This is just a suggestion, but I do think we would sell more calenders if they depicted naked members holding strategically-placed razors. The theme could be "Member's Meat Choppers"

Alternative member coverings could be strops. The theme could be "Strip, strop, strap!" or maybe "Strop it, or you'll go Blind!"

Or what about hones as coverings? One month devoted to a type of hone. January could have a member holding a Water of Ayr over his privates: "Scotch on the Rocks!". etc.

I'd buy that!!


[edit | edit source]

I have found that if you use talcum powder *before* getting into the suit there is less chafing. The air holes are usually under the chin strap. Having a safety word is highly recommended. Make sure the harness is attached securely to the roof - it is probably best to get a professional in for that.

Talk to the friendly folks at Mr Gimpy's Gimp and CV joint Emporium. They'll get you on the right track.


More on Reputation[edit | edit source]

I welcome the ability to, at a glance, assess someone's character and importance visually. Marking people with boxes is, I think, entirely appropriate for this purpose.

I for one intend to shun anyone with a poor reputation. One cannot be too careful about who one consorts with in today's world. Leper!!


On Wiki Domination[edit | edit source]

Once again your spectacular aura (which is about - I've seen it about) shines through Lee! That is an excellent idea. We shall wait.....bide our time, if you will.....watching in the shadows......and then....POUNCE!!! Let them have their competition, keep them occupied with "Hams and Plaques". All the while, we will be collecting, collating, categorising, condensing, coding, coalescing, and critiquing (and maybe counting) in the background.



PS - I have only put one page on the Wiki so far - why does everyone seem to think I am an integral part of the Wiki? I will be - but not yet gentlemen. Not yet. But mark my words...the day will come when men (and women, but mainly men and perhaps one or two women - maybe more, who can say in this modern day and age?) will see the name Jimbo, and tremble in Wikidatation. One day, the Wiki will be MINE!!! [11]

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