Wiss, J. & Sons

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Name Wiss, J. & Sons
Location Newark N.J.
Dates of Operation 1848 - 1976
External Links http://jwissandsons.com/razors/
Owners Jacob Wiss
 J. Wiss & Sons Company which was founded in 1848 by Jacob Wiss, a thirty-one-year-old immigrant from Switzerland who was an experienced cutler and gunsmith. The company, headed by Jacob and his descendants in Newark, N.J., emphasized high quality in its products, which became known world-wide and sold to the U.S. Government in the Civil War and the two World Wars. The company was then sold to Cooper Industries in 1976. Wiss is mostly known for it’s superber quality scissors but also made, straight razors, knives and other cutlery through the years. More information can be found online at http://jwissandsons.com/razors/