Wostenholm, George & Son "Pipe" 5/8 Etched

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Manufacturer| Wostenholm, George & Son
Region| Sheffield, England
Date| circa 1860
Size| 5/8
Point| Square
Shoulder| 2 stabilizers
Jimps| None
Scales| Horn
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Wostenholm, George & Son
Model Pipe
Region Sheffield, England
Date circa 1860
Grind Half Hollow
Size 5/8
Point Square
Shoulder 2 stabilizers
Spine Decoration none
Jimps None
Scales Horn
Steel Carbon
Gw pipe 1.jpgGw pipe 2a.jpgGw pipe 2b.jpgGw pipe 2c.jpgGw pipe 3.jpg

The blade is engraved with "The original and only genuine pipe razor manufactured solely by Geo. Wostenholm & Son Mark granted A.D. 1694" The front of the shank simply bears the "pipe" (2nd version of 3)logo. While the back of the shank reads "George Wostenholm & Son sole manufactures of the original and true (pipe logo)razor"