Bishop, G

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Name Bishop, G
Location Sheffield
Dates of Operation late XVIII c. - beginning XIX c.
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Owners Bishop, George

Five different "George Bishop" are listed in the Freedom Books of Hallamshire cutlers and only two of them were cutlers. George son of Charles, apprentice to the father (cutler) was admitted to Freedom in 1785 and most probably is the razor maker here considered. I tried to reconstruct from the Freedom Books the family tradition as cutlers (more investigations are required to confirm my hypotesis). The first cutler of the family was probably Charles (son of John, mason), apprentice to George Smith (cutler) in 1733 and admitted to Freedom after 4 years in 1737. Another George son of Joseph (cutler and grinder) was apprentice to John Stevenson (cutler) before being admitted to Freedom in 1792 (not included in the scheme below).

                  Charles (F.1737)
                /                 \
   (F.1767) Charles              George (F.1785)
              |                    |
   (F.1803) John                 Luke (F.1802)

--Clavichord 17:40, 30 May 2009 (UTC)