Building a pseudo-Redneck import-Viking razor holder

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Inspired by Jockeys' redneck scuttles and what not, I decided that paying well over $20 for a simple razor holder is not really my thing. I appreciate quality, and will likely buy one since this experience told me what I knew before: Counting my hours, and a $100 holder would be good as well. On the other hand, I am a proud owner of a Schwarzweisskeramik scuttle. So there you go.

So, pseudo-redneck since I'm not what one would call a redneck and an import-viking since I'm an import living in Sweden. Which brings us to the main subject of the el-cheaperino razor holder: A tootbrush holder, from Ikea of course. I paid, if I remember correctly, 59 SEK (Swedish Kronor) for it, around $8: Ikea's Lillholmen toothbrush holder on the American site.

Some lessons learnt:

  1. Work more carefully.
  2. Draw the holes on the metal next time.

I got some hints on the forum on different materials to put on the edges of the hole. I'm considering a few options, but there are some nice materials available that'll fold around the metal.